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Employee Speak

Shailesh Hasabnis

After 12 years of continuous struggle, challenges, and hardships, I can happily say that ‘the wait’ is finally over. My dream of flying as a First Officer has now come true. Thanks to Deccan 360 for giving me the platform to fulfill my dream.


Jayesh Gowda

I have been working as an IT Business Analyst at Deccan 360 for 6 months now. My role is to cater to all the IT needs here. We spend time with various departments and learn their working procedures and day to day activities in order to automate things and essentially make their life easier.


Ashfaque, Senior Manager Operations

The opportunity to work for a startup is what attracted me to Deccan 360, although I was advised against joining one.


Tejdeep Singh, Asst. Manager-Quality Assurance

I got the opportunity to work with Deccan when I landed a campus placement offer as a Business Analyst with Capt Gopinath’s Office in ‘SimplyFly’ Deccan. The second time around, I met the team of 10 highly experienced professionals who were working to launch - ‘Deccan Cargo’, as it was called then.


Bejoy A.J, Senior Executive Business Analyst

’Exciting’ is the word to best describe my work at Deccan 360. In the short span of 3 months that I have been in the company, learning has been immense, and the experience, enriching. Deccan 360 is on a mission to conquer the logistics industry and every employee plays an active part in doing the same.


Suyog Joshi, Senior Executive, Operations Control, SOCC

I’m very happy to have started my Aviation career with Deccan 360. Being my first Aviation job, and being fresh out of a Flying school, Deccan 360 gave me a ’professional perspective‘ to the operational aspect of this industry. My superiors have been great mentors and have brought the best out of me.


P Vetrivel Saravanan, Senior Executive Procurement

Hi everyone! I would like to take this opportunity to express my exquisite association with the word ‘Deccan’ and the bond I share with the family of ‘Deccaniers’.



“The Deccan 360 team has done a fantastic job in delivering sensitive and confidential documents exactly as scheduled. They have been very proactive in their approach and fully supportive in accommodating”.

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