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Life at Deccan 360

Deccan 360 is not just one of India's premier express, logistics and distribution companies; it stands for a philosophy. Every one of our employees is a guardian of our beliefs and work culture. We believe that our adventurous spirit, positive attitude and deep commitment to qualitative change will transform the way Indians do business.

The Deccan 360 Philosophy

We dare to go where no one else has gone. We never say NO. We consider the customer and our relationship with him paramount to achieving success. But most importantly, we don't believe in a rigid hierarchy. An employee is not a badge and a number. He or she is an integral part of the greater whole that is Deccan 360.

Our philosophy is about people and what they can do when they work as one powerful unit, for a purpose larger than business.

When we say 'people' we don't just mean employees, we mean a lot more. That's why the Deccan 360 philosophy stands on 5 pillars of strength:

  • Our Customers
  • Our Employees
  • The Community
  • Our Investors
  • Our Partners

Our employees are not a 'part' of Deccan 360; they 'are' Deccan 360. They are individuals that have imbibed our philosophy – a philosophy that scales obstacles and rarely has time for negativity.

Company Culture

As a people-driven organization, our employees are not cogs in the business machine. They are more like living cells of an organism, thinking, performing and interacting with every factor of the business.

The Deccan 360 Company Culture

  • Strong customer focus
  • Transparency and openness
  • High-integrity workplace atmosphere
  • Effective 360-degree communication
  • Empowerment of employees
  • High regard for human values

Our Human Resources Goal and Motto

Our Goal:

"To attain the status of "Most Preferred Employer" in the express, logistics and distribution community, through the application of globally acclaimed HR practices."

Our Motto:

"To keep our employees happy and thereby ensure that our customers get the best service they deserve; which in turn will put a smile on our customers' faces too."


"Deccan 360 did a commendable job in getting across some paintings of a renowned artist for display at a prestigious art gallery in Mumbai. With the shipment being offloaded by commercial uplift due”.

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