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Innovative and Efficient Commercial Shipment Solutions

Deccan 360 Premium is our efficient door-to-door commercial shipping service with just-in-time delivery solutions for all your commercial shipments. Apart from providing market-leading transit times, this service also offers the convenience of managing all regulatory clearances.

Service Elements

Shipment Type

  • Commercial shipment/non-commercial shipment, which may involve ‘sale of goods’
  • Unlimited pieces per shipment
  • Standard IATA volumetric weight calculation, as applicable

- To and from 56 locations

-Air Express

Transit Time
- Next Business Day

Restrictions on Commercial Shipments

  • Standard IATA restrictions on carriage of ‘Articles of Extraordinary Value’ apply
  • Maximum weight and size constrained by aircraft type.
  • Restricted commodities transported only by prior arrangement
  • Minimum billable weight is 10kg
  • Banned commodities are not transported
  • Please call our customer service about outsized shipment handling

Commercial Shipping Value Added Services – for Faster Delivery

  • We handle all Octroi and regulatory mandates filing and payment on your behalf.
  • Choose the ‘freight on value’ cover (Owners risk / Carrier risk) for your shipment.
  • Duly signed and stamped delivery receipt/invoice is given to confirm delivery of shipment.

Why Deccan 360 for Commercial Shipment?

  • Free pick-up and delivery at your door step
  • Online tracking system and proof of delivery
  • Commercial Shipping made simple with highly efficient customer service
  • Assistance with all regulatory clearance procedures
  • Access to any service with a single account number


“The Deccan 360 team has done a fantastic job in delivering sensitive and confidential documents exactly as scheduled. They have been very proactive in their approach and fully supportive in accommodating”.

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