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Network Service Partners

First and last mile connectivity is critical in the express transportation business. For this critical aspect of our business, Deccan 360 is looking for entrepreneurs willing to invest in developing and managing our pickup & delivery network as well as sales development activities in a specific territory.

The National Service Participants (NSP) model of Deccan 360 is based on the simple partnering concept, whereby we appoint you as our NSP to develop and manage the sales, pickup & delivery network for the assigned territory and the company compensates you for the sales generated and deliveries made within the assigned area.

The objective here is to look at NSP as a business partner.

The Business Model

As a Deccan 360 NSP, you need to

  • Set up service station ranging from¬†1000 sq.ft. - 10000 sq.ft. (depending upon the territory) for generating the desired business within the assigned territory.
  • Investments for deploying infrastructure and resources as per requirements and standards specified by Deccan 360, for optimal functioning and desired service levels.
  • Investments will depend upon the type and location of the designated territory.
  • Recruitment of service representatives for pickup and delivery as per standards.
  • Employee sales representative to generate desired sales in territory specified.
  • Obtain necessary clearances from relevant authorities required for setting up the network. Deccan 360 will provide the required assistance in obtaining the same. All the necessary clearances have to be obtained in the name of Deccan 360.
  • Pay a license fee to Deccan 360. This fee will depend upon the territory designated to the NSP.

What You Will Get From Us:

  • Quick returns - Receive commission on the sales generated in the territory assigned to you and a fixed fee for deliveries made within your assigned territory.
  • Process Engineering support and technical assistance in setting up your business for optimum use of your resources.
  • Periodic technical training and customer orientation to service representatives.
  • Innovative IT solutions which will give your business greater efficiency and enhance your performance.

Ready to take the next step?

The Deccan 360 partnership opportunities are available across India. To speak to a local representative about the opportunity, complete the online application. Submitting the application does not obligate you in any way.

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