Ashfaque, Senior Manager Operations

The opportunity to work for a startup is what attracted me to Deccan 360, although I was advised against joining one.

It was Captain Gopinath’s charisma which encouraged me to leave a comfortable job and join him. Having joined the company a year before its launch and at a time when the economy was facing one of the worst recessions of its time, things were not smooth sailing for us. But we had a wonderful team working on the project, and together we stormed through all the ups and downs that came our way. At a time when companies were shutting down and cutting costs, Deccan 360 started working towards creating a revolution in the logistics industry!

The experience so far has been rich and rewarding. Since I joined before the launch I was involved in strategies and planning, not only in operations, which is my core competency, but also in other business functions.

With the launch of the company on 9th of November 2009, the challenges mounted and to this day they continue,just like in any other company. But that has not stopped us from enjoying what we do. It is said the sweetest way to take revenge on somebody is to introduce them to the logistics industry, as you can be assured that they will not be able to get out of it. I do agree with that and I believe the logistics business is in a sense addictive, and will make sure you don’t feel like leaving it! When I look back to the day I made the decision of joining the company I pat myself for having made the right decision. I am proud to be a part of the company that is going to revolutionize this industry as well as our country!