Bejoy A.J, Senior Executive Business Analyst

‘Exciting’ is the word to best describe my work at Deccan 360. In the short span of 3 months that I have been in the company, learning has been immense, and the experience, enriching. Deccan 360 is on a mission to conquer the logistics industry and every employee plays an active part in doing the same. At Deccan 360, the time frame from planning to decision making and execution seems to be virtually non-existent. A sense of urgency and responsibility encompasses everyone here. Having worked with Air Deccan, I do know that this sense of responsibility, urgency and impatience comes from the man at the helm of affairs -Captain Gopinath or “The father of Low Cost Aviation in India” as he is better known.

Three months is too short a time to understand an organization or to develop a liking towards it. However, I have thoroughly enjoyed my work here and I am of the opinion that Deccan 360 is a great company to work for, with good colleagues and a helpful top management to guide the way. The office is constantly bustling with activities, and friendly, smiling faces greet you through the day.