Jayesh Gowda

I have been working as an IT Business Analyst at Deccan 360 for 6 months now. My role is to cater to all the IT needs here. We spend time with various departments and learn their working procedures and day to day activities in order to automate things and essentially make their life easier. We, as an IT team, strongly believe in our team's technical knowledge and ability, trouble shooting and programming skills, and we are confident that we can take up any challenge. We have undertaken many IT in-house projects and successfully completed and delivered products. I’m proud to be a part of the Deccan IT team.

And being a Post Graduate in Information Systems, I look forward to taking up more challenging projects where I can use my full potential. Some of the ventures that I would like to undertake in future include: Travelling to different NSP locations to learn their operations, simplifying SOCC and GOCC procedures with IT solutions, building a company-wide intranet and simplifying IT solutions in general.

Deccan 360 is a fun place to work at, and my team and other Deccan employees are cooperative, hard-working, and friendly. Deccan has provided me a good platform to launch my career and all I need to do is to work for the growth of the organization and grow along with it.