Suyog Joshi, Senior Executive, Operations Control, SOCC

I´m very happy to have started my Aviation career with Deccan 360. Being my first Aviation job, and being fresh out of a Flying school, Deccan 360 gave me a ‘professional perspective’ to the operational aspect of this industry. My superiors have been great mentors and have brought the best out of me. The job has deepened my love for the field and more importantly, instilled discipline, maturity, and perfection in me. Every day is a new learning experience at work, and how better could it be than learning from the best in the industry.

For employees to work at Deccan 360 is not really a ‘task’, but is more like flying in formation to put together a spectacular show.

I have seen Deccan 360 grow from the first aircraft to what we are today. It has been an amazing journey. This will only get bigger and better, faster...