Tejdeep Singh, Asst. Manager-Quality Assurance

I got the opportunity to work with Deccan when I landed a campus placement offer as a Business Analyst with Capt Gopinath’s Office in ‘SimplyFly’ Deccan. The second time around, I met the team of 10 highly experienced professionals who were working to launch - ‘Deccan Cargo’, as it was called then. The weekly reviews with the ‘cargo’ team were a great opportunity of learning, exposure and gaining insights on corporate decision making and the resolve of the team, which are essential to set-up an organization. After a couple of months, I shifted officially to the new business venture. This provided an excellent platform to interact with experts in the field. I can still recall the debates, team-work and camaraderie between the 50-odd employees at that time.

With the start of the international line flight operations, I shifted to Planning & Engineering/Air-operations. This made it possible for me to perform in various roles and activities ranging from working on the schedules, process design, transit design, routings etc, to pulling 25hour shifts, sharing the mid-night pizzas, with the SOCC and MOCC teams while setting up and managing the GOCC function, to monitoring Service Quality, measuring operational efficiency & working towards improving our customer service, in the current role of managing the Quality Assurance team. It was an ever-changing work environment with constant challenges and opportunities. However, in all the above roles, I have been amazed at the level of trust bestowed on me, the mentorship and the all round support I received from everyone.

Deccan 360 has grown significantly since the time I joined. We have hard-working, skilled people and an open culture which offers a sense of belongingness. And there is never a dull moment in the office , with a whole lot of wit and humour that brings a smile on everyone’s faces, especially while working pressing deadlines.