P Vetrivel Saravanan, Senior Executive Procurement

Hi everyone! I would like to take this opportunity to express my exquisite association with the word ‘Deccan’ and the bond I share with the family of ‘Deccaniers’.

After serving the Air Defence Wing of the Indian Army in the procurement section, I set my first step in the world of civil aviation through Air Deccan Airlines in Mar 2007. Life underwent complete change from an organized routine to an experience with no dearth in excitement. The challenges, the learning, and the joy of supporting a large fleet of aircrafts with out-of-the-box solutions cannot be described in words. We, as a team were motivated to deliver beyond expectations. And I’m glad that the wonderful team that I was gifted with at Air Deccan, continues to be with me in Deccan 360.  So, I can proudly say, that with Deccan, my association is not just about employment, but also a strong bond. And I truly believe that it is the people who come along with us in our profession, who give it a soul.

I joined the organization with a view to bag the civil aviation experience. But what came along is a long lasting relationship.  The atmosphere at Deccan is so friendly that you feel at home always. And more so for me, because my life partner is also a proud Deccanier!  Although she is not a part of Deccan 360 currently, she still shares the same amount of excitement about being associated with Deccan.