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Deccan 360 is an integrated logistics service provider providing one stop solution for both air and surface transportation in India. In its constant endeavor to improve efficiency and maximize its reach, Deccan 360 is looking for partners .Deccan 360 offers two excellent and profitable ways of doing so:

  • Authorized Shipping Centers (ASC)
  • National Service Participant (NSP)

Together we can play an active role in building India.


  1. How long has the company been existence and operational?
    • Deccan 360 is an express transportation and logistics company started by Capt Gopinath. The company is > 3 years old and has been operational for more than 10 months.
  2. What is the business Deccan 360 is in?
    • Deccan 360 is in the business of Courier Express Parcel Services. It is the first company in India to integrate Air and Surface transport. Deccan 360 today connects 56 locations in India and within a short span has been one of the leading players in the Courier Express Parcel market of India.
  3. Do I need prior experience to set up franchisee?
    • As a franchisee of Deccan 360, you may not require any prior experience in the industry to start with. Deccan 360 would provide all the necessary training and assistance required for running a successful operation. However prior knowledge in area of franchising/ logistics would be an added advantage.
  4. What are the different franchisee options?
    • Under Deccan 360 there would be two franchisee option
      1. ASC or Authorized Shipping Centers to target retail customers and promote walk-in as a collection centre for documents. An ASC would be the sales channel for the company to address the needs of the walk-in/ retail customers.
      2. NSP or National Service Participant to NSP would be responsible to develop and manage the sales, pickup & delivery network of the assigned territory. Every ASP would be assigned to NSP. In true essence an NSP would be the operational face o Deccan 360 to its customers.
  5. What is the difference/ connection between ASC and NSP?
    • An Authorized Shipping Center or ASC in its true essence is a collection center. Thus an ASC is another form of sales channel supporting Deccan 360 in reaching out to the retail or walk-in customers providing the first mile connectivity.
    • However, a NSP is a service partner to Deccan 360 and would be responsible for the generation of sales in the assigned area along with the primary responsibility of pickup and delivery. Every ASC would be assigned to a NSP for pick up.
  6. What are some of the Benefits and Responsibilities of Franchisee Ownership?
    • The benefits of partnering with Deccan 360 are very many. From a chance to enter the high end logistics market to using the Deccan 360 brand and the network the opportunities are excellent. Deccan 360 offers attractive commission on sales and delivery.
    • The responsibility of the franchisee owner would be to develop the assigned area to maximize sales, to sign up new customers and to service them in the designated area.
  7. What is the role of franchisee holder?
    • Deccan 360 sees its franchisees as channel partners. As an  ASC  your role would mainly be to assist customers by forming their first point of contact. The role of franchise holder would encompass sale of Deccan 360  products along with daily pick-up and delivery of parcels and documents from the customer location.
  8. What makes the Deccan 360 franchise opportunity the right choice for me?
    • Deccan 360 today is one of the foremost logistics company in India connecting 56 cities around India.
    • Association with Deccan 360 offers the franchisee with power to use the brand.
    • Access to the existing customer base of >5000 customers in India
    • Enhance your business with state-of- art Deccan 360 IT system and marketing initiatives.
  9. Do I Receive training on business and operational issues?
    • Deccan 360 offers in depth training in field like sales, Business Development, Software and IT, operations, collection and delivery to its partners. Deccan 360 would conduct frequent bridge courses and training whenever deemed necessary.
  10. What support will I receive after training is completed?
    • You will receive ongoing support from our local representatives.
    • Network meeting would be conducted regularly to share and learn from combined experience of other fellow Franchisees.
    • We also provide professional growth and development programs to help you stay on top of a dynamic marketplace.
    • Deccan 360 would conduct advertising campaigns designed to increase brand awareness, with strong regional and local marketing plans to help drive traffic to your center.
  11. What is the ideal size and location for the set up?
    • An ASC could be set up in a area of around 50 to 500 sq ft of existing or new space. A NSP would require a area of around 1000 -10,000 Sq ft of dedicated space.
    • A location with road access and good visibility is ideal for a franchisee location.
  12. Who helps me identify my franchise location?
    • Once you have shortlisted real estate properties our local representatives would help and guide you in choosing the right location to maximize visibility and business opportunity.
  13. Do you have a royalty fees? If so how much?
    • The royalty fee for an ASC would be INR 5000 whereas for an NSP it would be higher depending on the territory assigned them.
  14. Are there any restrictions on the number of outlets I can set up?
    • There is no restriction on the number of outlets (ASC) or NSP that one can set up. It solely depends on the capability and performance of the franchisee. The Right of First Refusal is given to existing partners in our expansion plan before we appoint new NSP/ ASC.
  15. Will I get protected territory for my franchise?
    • Yes. Every Deccan 360 franchise has a protected territory that ensures no other new or existing franchise will be placed in that territory.
  16. What sites/Locations are currently available?
    • To find out what new and/or existing sites are currently available in your area of interest, please Franchise Application to speak with a local representative.
  17. How much control do I have on the business?
    • While Deccan 360 offers the independence of daily operation and sales to the NSP, the NSP would have to adhere to certain quality standards and operational service level. The onus of first mile and the last mile connection rests on the franchisee.
  18. What costs do I have to bear?
    • The infrastructure, manpower and day to day operational costs would have to be borne by the franchisee. Our local representative will discuss the same in length based on the territory and city of interest.
  19. How much does it cost to open a new franchise?
    • The required capital for a ASC would be around INR 10,000 to 25,000 whereas for a NPS the amount would be higher at around INR 10 Lakhs to 1 Crore depending on the location.
  20. Can Deccan 360 help with financing?
    • The Deccan 360 partnership model has been approved under SBI vendor financing scheme, which enables you to avail loan with minimum guarantee and at attractive rates. However, the disbursement of loan depends upon the credit worthiness of the person interested and is at sole discretion of SBI Bank.
  21. How do I project my earnings?
    • Financial performance varies significantly from location to locations and depends on many factors including operating and start-up costs, financing terms as well as your local marketing efforts. Most importantly, your ability to operate the business effectively and adhere closely to our operating systems and performance improvement initiatives. The projected earnings of your ASC/NSP is directly dependent on the sales it can generate. The responsibility of signing up new customers and clients to improve business and the service levels would be at the hands of the NSP.
  22. How do I start and how soon can I set up the franchisee?
    • You will have to fill in an online application on the website.
    • Once done, our local representative from the company would get in touch with you.
    • The prospective partner has to submit financial documents to Deccan 360
    • A personal interview would be arranged to access the capability and credit worthiness of the candidate.
    • A survey of the location would be done to access the visibility and to see the feasibility of running operations.


“We had been very reluctant to try Deccan 360 initially. But once we did, we were thoroughly impressed. They diligently handled our critical, time-bound shipment and delivered it as per their commitment....”.

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